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Upgrade Estate realizes and manages connecting housing for students, young professionals and growing SMEs and knows better than anyone how to respond to the needs of these target groups. Housing is a way for us to realize our ultimate 'why': creating social impact and social added value in an economically sustainable model. With us, real estate is the decor, the space where people connect and study, live and build a network for life. We realize our mission through our three connecting brands: Upkot, Upliving and Upoffiz.


What you want to know about our company culture:

  • Our company breathes sustainability & innovation, this gets a concrete translation in our Sustainable Development Goals.

  • The strength of our company lies, among other things, within the diversity of our teams. We prefer colorful characters over traditional profiles.

  • Every talent regardless of age, roots, gender, disability & religion enriches our company.

  • A clear strategy where the customers is placed central and trust are typical for our (certified) Best Workplace.

What you want to know about our Coaches-Team:

  • We provide students the ‘time of their life’ at Upkot.

  • Our coaches are social ‘polymaths’ 😉

  • The enthusiasm in team coaches doesn’t know any boundaries.

  • In all our Upkot projects live Upkot chickens.

What can you contribute to the realisation of our mission?

  • You’ll make Upkot a place that vibrates with activities & entertainment.

  • You offer a listening ear to the students.

  • You make clear arrangements with our students, so that everyone can feel at home within the community.

  • You communicate with our Upkot students; mainly through social media.

  • You organize the entries and exits, announced check-ups and the rental periods.

  • You are the contact person for all practical questions.

  • You contact our maintenance service ‘Upfix’ for defects.

Which personalities will shine in this job?

  • ‘Always ready to rumble’, that’s how your friends would describe you

  • You sparkle with energy and can handle unforeseen circumstances with ease.

  • You’re a real people person, no shortage in empathy.

  • You radiate confidence and you have no problem confronting people in an engaged way.

  • You’re customer oriented and spontaneously deal with questions and needs from our different stakeholders.

  • You preferably have a degree in social work, (ortho)pedagogy, communication or journalism.

  • You have at least 2 years of work experience.

  • You live in the near area (max 20 min by bike) of Bro Upkot or Baudelo & Gate Upkot.

  • Experience as an animator or leader in a youth movement is an advantage.

What you can expect from us in return:

  • A fulltime job of 38 hours, in which you have the freedom to manage your own schedule.

  • You go through an intensive onboarding program with a welcomer coach, who takes care of you.

  • Our own Upgrade Academy ensures that every employee can develop further professionally.

  • We are a flexible organization in which it is negotiable to take on various roles during your career that are an 'Upgrade' for you and the organization.

  • Of course, a job in our company is well rewarded.

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