Traineeship Sustainable Engineering

in Gent Centrum

Upgrade Estate realizes and manages connecting housing for students, young professionals and growing SMEs and knows better than anyone how to respond to the needs of these target groups. Housing is a way for us to realize our ultimate 'why': creating social impact and social added value in an economically sustainable model. With us, real estate is the decor, the space where people connect and study, live and build a network for life. We realize our mission through our three connecting brands: Upkot, Upliving and Upoffiz.

What you want to know about our company culture:

  • Every colleague is a brandployee for us, as we share our vision and values.

  • We ensure that every colleague can do what he is good at, feels good about his job and can therefore work on his own happiness.

  • Our Customer Intimacy Strategy is carried out by 'the most happy employees'.

  • Thursday has been our 'focus day' for years, we plan meetings on the other weekdays.

  • We never miss an opportunity to celebrate successes with each other in a surprising and original way.

  • We motivate all our fellow employees to grow further in our 5 Upskills.

  • Our company breathes creativity and sustainability, and this is given a concrete translation in our Sustainable Development Goals.

  • One of the strengths of our company is the diversity of our teams. We prefer colourful characters to traditional profiles.

  • Every talent, regardless of age, gender, disability or creed, enriches our company. 

  • Fun among colleagues, a clear business strategy and trust are typical of our (certified) Best Workplace.

What you want to know about our Team Limoengroen:

  • Limoengroen, spin-off of Upgrade Estate, is a sustainable energy company that shapes and implements UE's sustainability goals in the organisation.

  • The dynamism in our construction department knows no bounds.

  • We are believers in lean management in construction, smart pre-engineering in BIM, modular & circular construction.

What can you contribute to the realisation of our mission?

  • Our Upgrade Academy will take you through an intensive process of getting to know the different departments so you'll understand our culture, our values and our DNA in no time.

  • You will be immersed in various themes around energy transition, zero carbon techniques, data monitoring, sustainable HVAC techniques.

  • You will be assigned your own project, in which you will work out an energy concept, under the supervision of our experienced brandployees.

  • You reflect on your progress during various intervision sessions with other trainees.

Which personalities will shine in this job?

  • You are passionate about sustainability and energy techniques.

  • You have a higher degree in engineering, industrial sciences, energy management, computer science, electromechanics and climate control.

  • You are mathematically strong, precise and have an analytical mind.

  • You have a growth mindset.

  • You are an independent thinker. You consider different alternatives in order to achieve higher quality and management efficiency.

What to expect from us in return:

  • A fascinating, exciting and practice-oriented programme that prepares you to become a true intrapreneur. Take off: 22 August 2022 - Landing: 27 January 2023.

  • Personal coaching by our internal coach throughout the entire duration of your traineeship. We encourage every brandployee to develop himself according to his talent and to grow further in our organisation.

  • A challenging final assignment that gives you the opportunity to highlight your talents.

  • Our own Upgrade Academy ensures that every Trainee and every brandployee can develop further professionally.

  • We are a flexible organisation in which it is negotiable for our brandployees to take on different roles during their career that can be an 'Upgrade'.

  • And of course, a job at Upgrade Estate is also handsomely rewarded.

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